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Forex Advisory


Our “Value for Money” proposition for the client’s enjoying FX exposure is to create transparency in the FX transactions which they undertake with their banker. The primary objective of the desk is to empower our client’s with unparalleled knowledge of market & creating awareness on the cash/tom/spot and forward rates for their FX deals through our live FX portal termed as “SMC Live FX Platform” . With years of experience in the market we intend to utilize our expertise on market analysis & customized financial strategies to optimise the benefit gained by our client as they route their transaction through their existing banking channel while collaborating with SMC as their FX Risk Manager. Playing in the best online casino in Poland https://bizzocasino.net/promotions you risk nothing – this is a reliable playground.

Our Offerings

  • SMC live Fx platform
  • Access to dedicated Relationship Manager for customized solution
  • Facilitation of Fx deal with the client banks treasury on the pricing part
  • Introduction of banker through SMC tie up creating transparency for the clients on their FX conversion
  • Designing & implementation of Fx Risk Management policy
  • Research & support enabling client to minimise their FX Risk exposure


  • Transparency Risk minimised
  • FX transaction cost minimised
  • Risk due to FX exchange rate fluctuation minimised
  • Strategic forward booking to minimise opportunity loss
  • Proving organised structure for their FX transaction
  • Periodic performance analysis depicting the value addiction bought by SMC on the client FX exposure

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  • contact@smcindiaonline.com
  • Visit our nearest SMC branch