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FPI Investments


According the new regime to foreign investors comprising FIIs, Sub Accounts and QFIs can now access Indian stock markets under a unified and simplified route called Foreign Portfolio Investors or FPI.

Banks, Government agencies, Individuals, Companies, Trusts, Associations, Fund Houses, Regulated Funds, Mutual Funds, University Funds, Pension Funds and Broad Based funds can now invest in India under any of the THREE categories, depending upon their risk profiles.

The FPI can simply get registered with a Designated Depository Participant (DDP), get the Bank and trading accounts opened and start investing.

Our Offerings

  • Equity- Shares, Warrants, Indian Depository Receipts on the stock exchanges
  • Derivatives- Equity, Currency and Interest Rate.
  • Mutual Funds
  • Alternate Investment Funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts and Infrastructure Investment Trusts.
  • Debt
    1. Listed Debentures
    2. Government Securities ( maturity > 1 year )
    3. Security Receipts issued by Asset Reconstruction Companies
    4. NCDs/Bonds issued by NBFC categorized as “Infrastructure Finance Company”
    5. Bonds or units issued by Infrastructure Debt Fund
    6. Credit Enhanced Bonds
    7. Perpetual Debt Instruments and debt capital instruments as specified by RBI


  • We will help the client in opening a Custodian Account with our empanelled Custodian and acquiring a PAN Card.
  • We help the client in setting up a Bank Account and finalizing on his Tax Consultant.
  • We ensure quick turnaround from all tie-up partners.
  • We help ascertain eligibility of investor and in meeting documentation requirements.
  • We coordinate with client for all documentation requirements.
  • We provide customized services with requisite flexibility.
  • Our clients benefit from:
  • Experienced and known tie-up partners
  • Pedigree – A comforting factor for clients
  • Risk Mitigation – Separate & distinct entities for various services

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