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Portfolio Management


Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a sophisticated investment vehicle that offers a range of specialized investment strategies to capitalize on opportunities in the market. SMC Global Securities Ltd. offers PMS as an investment vehicle for select investors with an option to personalize and customize portfolios through investment mandates. We also offer equity Portfolios which look to generate capital appreciation by investing into a diversified portfolio of equity or equity related securities. These portfolios are structured to suit different risk profiles of customers.

Our Strategies

The objective of the strategy is to buy fundamentally sustainable growing businesses and outperform the benchmark indices by investing in equity and equity-related instruments including mutual funds. The strategy will primarily invest in equity asset class. However, we may consider other asset classes permitted by SEBI regulations. Attractive Valuation, Strong Fundamentals, Future Outlook of the company and Good Corporate Governance are the stock selection parameters. We have selected BSE 500 as a benchmark for this strategy. SMC Growth is a multi-cap strategy; hence to increase our range of stocks we have selected BSE 500 as benchmark.

Why SMC?

  • Independent & Customized service for sophisticated investors
  • An exclusive and premium financial services offering – an investment vehicle for select investors with an option to personalize & customize portfolios through investment mandates
  • Individually managed accounts.
  • Robust investment process and philosophy
  • Sophisticated suite of products – expertise in managing investments across asset classes
  • Superior client servicing
  • High level of transparency
  • Experienced Investment management teams