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Loan Against Securities


At SMC Finance, we understand how much you value your investments and want them to remain as your long term investments. With our Loan against Securities offer, you can meet immediate cash requirements without having to liquidate the securities.

With SMC Finance’s Loan against securities, you can get credit against your securities like Equity Shares, Mutual Fund Units while still retaining ownership.

To do this, you first need to keep yourself safe from triggers that make you want to gamble at wild fortune or even bring up such thoughts. It could be anything from news to people. Most likely, you will have to give up certain habits, and in some cases, you may even have to take drastic measures: switch occupations, change locations, and even stop communicating with certain individuals.

Our Offerings

Loan Available against Approved Securities:

Tailor made scheme to cater to the needs of all segments of investors.


  • No EMI (Flexibility in tenure and repayment options)
  • No Pre-payment Charges
  • Quick turn-around times
  • Ease of documentation
  • Interest charged only on daily utilised balance